Personalized Profile

Construct your profile with all of your personal and contact information. You will also be able to include your athletic & academic achievements, your high school or club ball coaches and their contact information, and sports stats.

Searchable Videos

You may send diy your videos and diy will upload them into the diy YouTube account, and will apply tags to your videos, so that college coaches my search for your video on the internet by sport, position, state or country of residence, and other pertinent coach desired searchable inputs.

College Recruiters

diy has over 22,000 college coaches and recruiters listed in its coach database, which you may select to target with your profile and videos by email. College coaches in all Divisions and sizes... to include NCAA Division I, NCAA Division II, NCAA Division III, NAIA, and/or NJCAA.

Tracking Views

An area in your profile backoffice login where you may see which college coaches are viewing your profile, how many times they have viewed your profile and the last time they viewed your profile. This feature gives you an extra advantage to target college coaches in your sport which show the most interest in you and your abilities.

Unlimited Updating

You may log into your sports profile backoffice and update your profile as much as you deem necessary.

Recruiter Search

You may search the coaches and recruiters which you may find you would like to participate in their college or sport program.

Weekly Notices

You will receive a weekly notice of all the coaches which have viewed your sports profile. This notice is to advise you to log into your stats area to view.

Tracking Notices

You will have an area within your profile backoffice area which you can track which colleges and coaches you are targeting for a scholarship.

Coach Searchable

College coach may log into the diy sports profiles system and select sports profiles to view. This will also track which coaches and recruiters viewing your profile.

Calendar/Schedule Page

An area displayed on your profile to advise college coaches and recruiters where you will be playing or participating in your sport.
  • Why diy Sports Profiles?
Technology! diy Sports Profiles is a highly technical system with recruiting tools which will assist you in getting yourself in front of the college coaches with the pertinent information needed to earn an opportunity at a sports scholarship! College coaches desire to know if you will fit into their program and having a completed profile along with your videos will most certainly give the college coach all the information they need to know about you.